Welcome to the website of Paul Stephenson – Horror & Science Fiction Author.

Paul Stephenson is an author and blogger, creator of the bestselling British horror series, Blood on the Motorway, and of the epic sci-fi serial, The Sunset Chronicles.

He writes horror stories, science fiction, and tries to be funny about music on the internet. He grew a beard long before hipsters made it popular, but only because he wanted to hide his chin. He lives in England with his wife and two children and has an unhealthy relationship with his Spotify account.

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The Sunset Chronicles

A new monthly sci-fi horror serial from the bestselling author of Blood on the Motorway

SEASON ONE - Out now!

Episode one

Available to download for free today





Blood on the Motorway

the complete apocalyptic saga

Blood on the motorway

An apocalyptic storm. A killer on the loose. The battle for humanity’s survival starts here.

Sleepwalk City

Surviving the end of the world was just the beginning. Now the battle for control has begun. Book two of the Blood on the Motorway Trilogy.

A Final Storm

The end of the world was just the start. Now see how it ends in the thrilling conclusion to the Blood on the Motorway Trilogy.

The Complete Trilogy

Grab the full epic journey of murder at the world’s end.


I bought the book less than 24hrs ago. Begged off sleep to keep reading until I couldn’t. Woke up and kept reading only breaking for eating and bathroom breaks. It was that gripping to me.

– Amazon REVIEW of Blood on the motorway


 I found myself racing to get to the end to find out what happens to the characters (who are relatable and well-written), and simultaneously seeing the page numbers count down with dread that it would all be over soon!

– Apple Books REVIEW of Blood on the motorway


What an amazing book!  All l can say is what a great read, l thoroughly enjoyed reading this, well done. Keep me glued to the book until l finished the book.

– Kobo review of Blood on the Motorway

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