Something is very wrong in the small town of Bleakwood. Strange mysteries and terrifying creatures now lurk in the shadows of this once ordinary place. In the new horror podcast Bleakwood from Hollow Stone Press, the mysterious narrator sets out to uncover the darkness that has fallen over the town. With each new episode, he delves deeper into uncanny tales from Bleakwood’s residents, piecing together clues to the source of the town’s corruption.

What sinister force has torn open the veil between worlds, letting horrors leak into Bleakwood? And can the narrator ever hope to reseal the wound and restore normalcy? Join him on his unnerving investigation as he trails ghosts, monsters and unspeakable things that should not be. Through classic British folktales and modern creepypastas alike, Bleakwood will send chills down your spine and leave you peering into the shadows, wondering what otherworldly terrors might lurk just out of sight. This paranormal podcast is guaranteed to haunt your dreams for nights to come. So listen if you dare – but the truths unearthed may be too terrifying to comprehend.

Created and narrated by Blood on the Motorway author Paul Stephenson and with stories by some of the most exciting voices in British modern Horror, subscribe to Bleakwood for a fresh story every month.