"Great read - the end of the world AND a sadistic mass murderer - what more could anyone want? Starts with a bang and keeps the tension ratcheting up right to the end." - Amazon UK Review

How would you handle a serial killer at the world’s end?

The first book in the bestselling British apocalyptic trilogy readers have called ‘absolutely gripping from the first page’.

Tom is a layabout ex-student waiting for his life to start or the power to get cut off, whichever comes first. Jen works two jobs, hates both, and most days is too hungover to deal with either. Detective Burnett is trying to work out who the hell turned his sleepy Yorkshire village into a murder town.

When the skies fill with a mysterious storm, each of them wakes to find streets filled with bodies. The world they knew has gone, and their old lives with it. Tom finds himself at the mercy of a deranged soldier, Jen has to keep two love-struck teenagers alive, and Burnett must track down a killer who sees the apocalypse as an opportunity for more mayhem. If they can’t band together, the fate of what remains of humanity hangs in the balance.

Buckle up for an apocalyptic thrill ride to find out who will survive this tale of murder at the world’s end.

'Corpses lay all over the street. Some were burnt, their limbs curled into themselves from the heat. Some were crushed, entangled in one of several car wrecks that dotted the road. Limbs, torsos and heads were strewn haphazardly in their wake. Some were just dead, lying there oblivious to the carnage that surrounded them.'

If I didn’t have to work or trains didn’t make you get off, I could easily have read this in one sitting. Genuinely gripping, relatable characters and a large slice of dark humour. Would definitely recommend. Can’t wait for book 2. More please.
— iBooks Review
Very very entertained by this book, and thoroughly looking forward to the sequel. The characters are interesting and well fleshed out, the plots are engaging, the locations are great (especially for someone who lives in the north east of England), and I was genuinely invested in what happened. The final few chapters made my jaw drop - definitely wanted to yell at my kindle. Totally worth a read, especially if you love post-apocalyptic fiction as much as I do.
— Amazon UK Review
A totally compelling story. Lots of twists, turns and cliffhangers. With a mixture of likeable characters and some you really wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley. A recommended read.
— Amazon UK Review