As I head toward the very exciting prospect of getting a new book into the world, I’m beginning to wind down my promotional efforts on the Blood on the Motorway saga. But I wanted to get it in front of a few new readers before I did so, and so I’ve banded together with a few other Post-Apocalyptic writers to offer it as part of another amazing giveaway.

So, if you like stories that reflect the pre-apocalyptic nature of our news these days, why not check out Blood on the Motorway alongside a whopping 30 other books, absolutely free. This offer is only on for the next 14 days, so grab them while you can.

Paul Stephenson is a writer of horror and science fiction novels. Blood on the Motorway: An apocalyptic trilogy of murder and stale sandwiches is out now in ebook and print from Amazon and all other good bookstores. You can get the first book free by joining the mailing list or reading along at Wattpad. Oh, and he’s got a Patreon. Sign up for free books, a free weekly short story, and much more.


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