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“Even though Paul likes Pearl Jam, he’s really really funny” — Michael Legge (Sony Award Winning presenter of Do the Right Thing)

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"I devoured this book with a mixture of glee and pity, in addition to genuine concern over the mental health and life choices of the author. It has however been an excellent read. I feel the author took a bullet for everyone, so we don't have to be tempted to do such an act of self harm. Instead of myself getting annoyed at Rolling Stone, Paul has allowed me to laugh at the ludicrous nature of this list and I applaud him for not rage quitting as I may have done. Buy this book!" - Amazon UK Review

Chronicling one man's increasingly frustrated attempt to listen to every album on Rolling Stone's Top 500 Albums of all time list, this comic and acerbic book looks at why we feel the need to quantify and rank our art, revels in the complex musical world we live in, and wonders why anyone would voluntarily listen to Bono.

'Disco sucks. It’s a vile and wretched pox on the landscape of musical history, a music designed to be stripped of all merit save for its ability to make people shuffle around in darkened rooms, trying desperately to blot out the tedium of their existence, literally dancing to the beat of their own repression. That’s even before you take into account the squeaky voices.'

'Here’s a lesson for all aspiring singers. Bono can hit lots of those ‘notes’ that you hear about. Tom Waits, by contrast, can’t hit any of them; nor can he sound like anything other than a drunken vacuum cleaner. But I would rather listen to Tom than Bono from now until the end of time.'