Today is launch day for The Sunset Chronicles, my new monthly sci-fi horror serial. Last Light, which is Chapter One (of five) in the first Season, is released today. What’s more, you can pick it up completely free!

The year is 2107. Earth is dying. For Wyn, Lois, and Judd, that’s the least of their problems.

Wyn is the pilot on the ISS Minos. Its mission: a race to the ice moon of Europa to cure the disease destroying humanity’s crops. But not everyone on board seems to have the same agenda.

Lois is an Interpol agent investigating the world’s worst criminals – those rich enough to get whatever they want and powerful enough to murder without consequence – and her cover’s been blown.

Judd is hiding as far away from humanity as he can, working in a cheap tourist attraction on the Moon. But when an old man pries a long-forgotten secret from his head, he can no longer hide from the truth he’d buried even from himself. Because Judd is a telepath, and a weapon badly wanted by both sides of an unseen war.

They might not know it, but each holds a key to Earth’s cure… and humanity’s survival.

If you like pulse-quickening action, blood-soaked science fiction, revelations, and revolutions, you’ll love this first episode in The Sunset Chronicles, the new monthly sci-fi horror serial from the author of the bestselling Blood on the Motorway saga.

Pick up Last Light and start the epic saga of plague, conspiracy, murder, and monsters today.

Following on from writing ‘The End’ on the Blood on the Motorway series, I knew the next thing I wrote was going to be more science fiction, albeit one with a horror twist. My love for sci fi is rooted in seeing Alien and Aliens at an impressionable age, and I wanted to echo the same creeping dread that I felt watching Ripley on screen all those years ago.

But while this saga started with Wyn and a trip to an ice moon in our own solar system, I soon realised there was a whole world around her and the Minos mission that was itching to be told. It’s a global saga of struggle against oppression, about fighting back against those who control our world in the interest of profit to the exclusion of all else.

Over this saga, we will see stories from across the globe and off it, all culminating in the events hinted at in Roman’s letter at the start of this book.

The Chronicles are massive, taking in everything from the crumbling ruins of Europe to an ice moon around Jupiter, all tied together under an overarching plot of corporate power and greed. I can’t wait for you find out what’s in store for Wyn, Judd, and Lois, and the rest of the cast of characters in this epic tale.

I hope you’ll join me on the journey…

Just a quick note – if you’ve read my previous book, Sunrise, then please note that you’ve already read everything substantial in Last Light, and the rest of Season One. You can wait until Season Two, which will start in August, so not long to wait. However, if you have read Season One, what I’d really appreciate is taking a moment to download a free copy of Last Light, as that will push it to more people on each store, and if you did enjoy that tale, any review you could leave would be hugely appreciated. And hey, while the content is the same, I have played around with the structure of the story, so why not give it a read and see what you think? I think it works much better. Each ‘episode’ cracks along faster than before, with the previous chunks of narrative interwoven together in a way that simply couldn’t be done over the course of 100,000 words.

So, pick up your free copy of Last Light today, and start the epic saga of plague, conspiracy, murder, and monsters.

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