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About The Book

The battle for humanity’s future has begun.

Which side will you be on?

Under the ice of Europa, Wyn has little to do except think about who tried to kill her and her friends. The list of candidates is short, and all under the ice with her. But there’s worse than traitors lurking in the deep.

Jules is just like any other small-town girl. She loves her boyfriend, her friends… and robbing food from the rich. Since real food is a precious commodity, the preserve of the local elite, she doesn’t feel too bad ripping them off. Until a job goes wrong, and she and her boyfriend find themselves on the run in an America turning to darkness and fear.

Now that Judd has recovered from his beating, he only has one thing on his mind—revenge against the teeps who left him for dead. But the new allies he’s working with don’t seem to like him much better than Walker’s teep army. Soon he’ll have to decide which side of the coming teep war he wants to be on, and the wrong decision could break the world forever.

In the high-rise slums of China’s Guangdong province, Yan stalks through the streets with a precious cargo. She’s a tech thief, and a damn good one. But the latest job she’s taken will send her on a dark path, and a collision course with history awaits.

If you like pulse-quickening action, blood-soaked science fiction, revelations, and revolutions, you’ll love the second season of Paul Stephenson’s Sunset Chronicles, the monthly sci-fi horror ebook serial from the author of the bestselling Blood on the Motorway saga.

Download the sixth book in the epic saga of plague, conspiracy, murder, and monsters today.


LIGHTs on the hill

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Get the seventh episode of the epic sci-fi horror epic serial from the bestselling author of Blood on the Motorway.

About the author.

Paul Stephenson writes horror stories, science fiction, and tries to be funny about music on the internet. He grew a beard long before hipsters made it popular, but only because he wanted to hide his chin. He lives in England with his wife and two children and has an unhealthy relationship with his Spotify account.

Paul’s first series is the Blood on the Motorway saga, a post-apocalyptic horror trilogy set in the north of England. The first book in the trilogy has been awarded the much-coveted orange ticks for being a bestseller in British Horror and Comedy Horror, even though it’s not really a comedy.

His short story, The Wolf is Loose, has been featured on million-downloaded podcast The Other Stories, and in an anthology of their works.

Paul Stephenson

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