For the last few months, everything I’ve been doing has been tied to relaunching. I’ve redesigned and relaunched my Blood on the Motorway series, and I’m relaunching my Sunset Chronicles books as a new monthly serial. Hell, I’ve even completely redesigned this website. But that’s not all. I’m also completely relaunching my reader’s group.

I can’t stress enough just how important to me my reader’s group is. Amazon could close its doors to authors tomorrow, or facebook and twitter could shutter their doors, or a hive of tiny bee/monkey hybrids could send us all into hiding in bunkers hermetically sealed from the world, and I would have no way of letting readers know about my next book. I mean, sure, the whole bee/monkey thing might take up too much of our time to read, but if this pandemic has shown us anything, it is that being stuck indoors with nothing to do does wonders for your Goodreads reading challenge.

The deal is a simple one, really. You give me your email address, I’ll give you some stuff to make it worth your while, and I get to send you an email when I’ve got a new book out. If everyone in the readers’ group does this at the same time, it rockets me up the sales chart, and I get to reinforce the walls of my anti-bee/monkey hideout even more.

Since I’ve been very much in ‘relaunch’ mode, I’ve been thinking a lot about this reader’s group, and how I can make it more valuable to my readers. Not to get all schmaltzy, but I genuinely love anyone who takes the time to read my work, for supporting me as I try to turn publishing from a (very time-consuming) side hustle into a fully fledged business that can support my family.

So, I’ve revamped exactly what you get from me when you sign up. First off, as a member of my reading group, you get 10% off everything you buy from my website. This is a now and forever kind of deal.

Second, I’ve got a brand-new collection of short stories called Come Back Haunted. Seven completely exclusive short stories by yours truly.

That collection is not available anywhere else and never will be. That’s not it, however. As we speak, I’m hard at work on not one, but two more exclusive books. One will be a prequel to the Sunset Chronicles, and the other will be set in the Blood on the Motorway universe. I won’t say too much more on that, but if you’re a fan of either series, you won’t want to miss these. Not only that, but they won’t be anywhere for sale, only for the reader’s group. Pretty cool, huh?
Once you join up, you can expect updates twice a month. Once at the beginning of the month with a cover reveal, then to tell you about each new episode of the Sunset Chronicles on the 15th. Plus, there’ll be competitions, freebies, updates on writing, and much more besides.

So, if that sounds like a pretty good deal, enter your email address below, and you’ll get your exclusive collection of short stories right away.

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