Sleepwalk City


Surviving the end of the world was just the beginning. Now the battle for control has begun.

On a flight back to her family, Lydia is too busy trying to ignore the annoying passenger next to her to notice the sky filling with lights. Three months later she is alone in a desolate world, moving from one town to the next, trying to survive. When she enters the ruined city of York, she finds more than she bargained for.

Ex-student turned revolutionary hero Tom, grieving and broken, has passed the last three months trying to keep himself and his people together. Now he will have to protect them from a new government force, hellbent on rebuilding at a cost too terrible to comprehend.

Jen and Mira, reeling from their encounter with a homicidal maniac, flee into the wilds to escape. Soon they find themselves running from a very different enemy.

Ex-detective Burnett, separated from his friends by chance, sees himself drawn into an investigation that will take him to the heart of the fight against this new government.

Sleepwalk City is the pulse-quickening sequel to the bestselling British apocalyptic horror Blood on the Motorway. If you love edge-of-the-seat action, end-of-the-world tension, and characters you’ll be rooting for with every turn of the page, you’ll love the second instalment in Paul Stephenson’s thrilling trilogy.

Buy Sleepwalk City today to find out who will prevail in the battle for humanity’s future.


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