Fault & Fracture

Season One, Episode Two of the epic sci-fi horror serial, The Sunset Chronicles


The year is 2107. Earth is dying. For Wyn, Lois, and Judd, that’s the least of their problems.

If Lois thought getting out of Tijuana was hard, her next mission sees her investigating the most powerful corporation on Earth over the death of her fellow Interpol officer. But the investigation has her looking a little too close to home for her liking.

Wyn and the crew of the Minos are making their final approach to the ice moon of Europa, and the cure for the plague that’s decimated humanity’s food supplies. But tempers are flaying the closer they come to their destination.

Judd’s secret is out in the open, and the old man Walker has convinced him to come back to Earth, where he can be amongst others like him. But he soon finds out that not all is what it seems amongst his fellow telepaths, and that his search to belong may not yet be over.

If you like pulse-quickening action, blood-soaked science fiction, revelations, and revolutions, you’ll love this second episode in Paul Stephenson’s Sunset Chronicles, the new monthly sci-fi horror serial from the author of the bestselling Blood on the Motorway saga.

Buy Fault & Fracture to continue the epic saga of plague, conspiracy, murder, and monsters today.


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