Black Cloud

Season One, Episode Five of the epic sci-fi horror serial, The Sunset Chronicles


The year is 2107. Earth is dying. For Wyn, Lois, and Judd, that’s the least of their problems.
Wyn’s job on the ISS Minos was simple; get the crew tasked with saving humanity to Europa in one piece. She hadn’t counted on what they would find on the ice, nor on the fact that not everyone on her crew wants her to make it home.
In the aftermath of Judd’s display of power, his fellow telepaths are not so well disposed to him as he might like. But when their compound comes under attack from mysterious, black-clad troops, he’ll face far deadlier consequences.
For Interpol agent Lois, the hunt for truth at the heart of the world’s most dangerous corporation goes beyond a simple investigation—if she can’t find out the truth, it’s more than just her life on the line, it’s her family’s.
If you like pulse-quickening action, blood-soaked science fiction, revelations, and revolutions, you’ll love this final episode in the first season of Paul Stephenson’s Sunset Chronicles, the new monthly sci-fi horror serial from the author of the bestselling Blood on the Motorway saga.
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