Genesis, the tenth episode and the grand climax of Season Two, is out now in ebook. This is the tenth episode of the sci-fi/horror series The Sunset Chronicles, a monthly dystopian sci-fi thriller that will delight and terrify fans of science fiction and horror alike. 

Author of the forthcoming Mastodon and horror supremo Steve Stred said of the first season of The Sunset Chronicles: “This book whipped along and Stephenson writes the characters lean and true, making for some fantastically done action sequences, all the while retaining that claustrophobic feeling you need with outer space based books. I had a blast and I think you will too!”

What will happen under the ice with Wyn and the crew of the Minos? What will Yan find in the securely guarded compound of a Russian mobster? Will Judd ever catch a break? And against the backdrop of Christopher Sun’s grab for power, will Jules find her way? All these questions and more come to a head in the heart-stopping climax to the second season. 

You can pick up Genesis at all good bookstores, but if you get it direct from my website you’ll be helping me in the absolute best way, as that means I’ll get the biggest share of the cover price. All transactions are securely processed by Woocommerce, and the ebook will be sent by Bookfunnel directly to the e-reader of your choice.

And if you’ve not yet started the Chronicles, why not pick up the first episode, completely free?

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