Welcome to the website of Paul Stephenson - Author

Paul Stephenson is an author and blogger, creator of the bestselling British horror series, Blood on the Motorway. He writes horror stories, science fiction, and tries to be funny about music on the internet. He grew a beard long before hipsters made it popular, but only because he wanted to hide his chin. He lives in England with his wife and two children and has an unhealthy relationship with his Spotify account.

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Extracts from Paul's books

'Corpses lay all over the street. Some were burnt, their limbs curled into themselves from the heat. Some were crushed, entangled in one of several car wrecks that dotted the road. Limbs, torsos and heads were strewn haphazardly in their wake. Some were just dead, lying there oblivious to the carnage that surrounded them.' - Blood on the Motorway, out now!

'A bolt of lightning arced up from the cloud, and there was a brief ‘ooh’ from some of her fellow passengers, until it arched in the air and slammed into the wing. The wing splintered and burst into flame' - Sleepwalk City, out now!

'Something burning hit the bonnet of their car. It took Tom a moment to realise it was a leg, still aflame. Chen screamed and hit the wipers, trying to rid the windshield of the appendage. The car filled with the smell of burning flesh. Screams came from everywhere, a shrill note of total collective panic.' - A Final Storm, out now!

'Disco sucks. It’s a vile and wretched pox on the landscape of musical history, a music designed to be stripped of all merit save for its ability to make people shuffle around in darkened rooms trying, desperately to blot out the tedium of their existence, literally dancing to the beat of their own repression. That’s even before you take into account the squeaky voices.' - Welcome to Discovery Park, out now!