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As a paying customer of mine, you are my priority and I want to help you as fast as possible. Seriously, you’re awesome, and if there’s any issues at all just give me a shout. To help me get back to you ASAP, please make the subject Purchase Enquiry/Help in the form below and I will usually reply within 24 hours.

Request to interview me or media requests in general

I am always happy to consider interviews about my books or writing, and I promise not to be all shy or crazy. Please make the subject Interview Request in the form below.

Guest post submissions

I am open to guest posts both here at PaulStephensonBooks.com or providing a guest post for your site. Please make the subject Guest Post option in the form below, making sure to link to your own site so I can judge suitability. Please bear in mind that if your site makes you look like a lunatic then I’m probably going to say no, and laugh at you from the privacy of my own desk.

Permission to use an article from this website

Please note that the articles on this site are Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial licensed, so you may not use them without attribution or sell them or use them on a site which sells other products. The books and other products that I sell from this site are Copyright material so you may not distribute those without specific permission. Don’t even think about doing that.

If your site meets these requirements, you are welcome to publish an excerpt with comments or use the whole article as long as you link back to the original page on PaulStephensonBooks.com.

Press releases, manuscripts, link exchanges, buying links or offers for my business

Please don’t send me any of these, I would genuinely rather set myself on fire than read them.

Want to tell me i’m awesome, or that your cat died, or that you liked that thing you saw on telly last night, or that there’s a giant conspiracy of bees against you?

Sure, why not. Make the subject Biffle and I’ll be happy to talk to you.

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