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Episode seven of The Sunset Chronicles


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The battle for humanity’s future has begun. Which side will you be on?

In the criminal underground, Yan’s reputation goes before her—a master tech thief who can handle any situation that’s thrown at her. She doesn’t care what the job is, nor who she’s working for. But her latest job threatens all that, because this time she’s working for the last people on Earth she’d expect—the police.

Below the ice, Wyn and the crew of the Minos are swimming blind, with all communication to Earth severed, and more questions than answers. But as they probe the underwater world around them, they’ll find much more under the ice than they expect.

If no good deed goes unpunished, for Jules and her boyfriend Trent it seems there are a lot of good deeds that need accounting for. On the run from the police in an America that’s slowly crumbling, their lives go tumbling off the end of a cliff… a literal one.

Ever since Judd found out that he was a telepath, he’s had questions. Questions about the world he never knew existed, and about the family that hid the truth from them. He’s finally going to get some answers, but he might not like the truth.

If you like pulse-quickening action, blood-soaked science fiction, revelations, and revolutions, you’ll love the second season of Paul Stephenson’s Sunset Chronicles, the monthly sci-fi horror ebook serial from the author of the bestselling Blood on the Motorway saga.

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