A Final Storm


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The end of the world was just the start. Now see how it ends.

Before the storm that ended the world brought humanity to its knees, Max worked for a bank, more concerned people might mistake him for a banker than how to survive each day. Six months later he’s trying to stay ahead of a psychotic gang leader making a play for the ruined city of London.

In Birmingham, Burnett’s new Government is trying to stand on its own feet, while Lydia tries to find some peace. Out on the road, Tom and Mira are grieving, just trying to stay alive, when bandits come to tear them apart.

But the sky is full of lights once more, and they’ll need more than luck to get them through the coming storm.

A Final Storm is the thrilling and emotional finale to the bestselling British apocalyptic horror Blood on the Motorway. If you love breath-taking apocalyptic action, tenterhook tension, and characters you’ll be rooting for with every turn of the page, you’ll love the final instalment in Paul Stephenson’s thrilling trilogy.

Buy A Final Storm today to find out who will survive, and who will thrive, in this heart-pounding finale to the Blood on the Motorway saga.

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