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About The Book

An apocalyptic storm. A killer on the loose. The battle for humanity’s survival starts here.

Tom is a layabout ex-student waiting for his life to start or the power to get cut off, whichever comes first. Jen works two jobs, hates both, and most days is too hungover to deal with either. Detective Burnett is trying to work out who the hell turned his sleepy Yorkshire village into a murder town.


When the skies fill with a mysterious storm, each of them wakes to find streets filled with dead. The world they knew has gone, and their old lives with it.

Tom finds himself at the mercy of a deranged soldier, Jen has to flee the fires burning her city to the ground, and Burnett must track down a killer who sees the apocalypse as an opportunity for more mayhem. If they can’t band together, the fate of what remains of humanity hangs in the balance.

Blood on the Motorway is the first in the British apocalyptic horror trilogy readers have called “gripping from the first page’’. If you love edge-of-the-seat action, end-of-the-world tension, and characters you’ll be rooting for with every turn of the page, you’ll love the first instalment in Paul Stephenson’s apocalyptic trilogy.

Pick up Blood on the Motorway today to start the epic journey of murder at the world’s end.

I was hooked from the first page. What a thrilling book and storyline. I don’t have a bad word to say, started this last night and finished it this morning.”

Amazon Reviewer

“I tried the sample and I got sucked in big time. I bought the book less than 24hrs ago. Begged off sleep to keep reading until I couldn’t. Woke up and kept reading only breaking for eating and bathroom breaks. It was that gripping to me.”

Amazon Reviewer

“Very dark but with sprinkles of comedy in between the gore and corpses. At times the author captures the smells, sights, sounds and lack of creature comforts of a post apocalyptic world in a strangely realistic way”

Amazon Reviewer

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Grab the thrilling second book in the Blood on the Motorway saga today!

About the author.

Paul Stephenson writes horror stories, science fiction, and tries to be funny about music on the internet. He grew a beard long before hipsters made it popular, but only because he wanted to hide his chin. He lives in England with his wife and two children and has an unhealthy relationship with his Spotify account.

Paul’s first series is the Blood on the Motorway saga, a post-apocalyptic horror trilogy set in the north of England. The first book in the trilogy has been awarded the much-coveted orange ticks for being a bestseller in British Horror and Comedy Horror, even though it’s not really a comedy.

His short story, The Wolf is Loose, has been featured on million-downloaded podcast The Other Stories, and in an anthology of their works.

Paul Stephenson

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