Check out my story The Wolf is Loose on The Other Stories Podcast


Over the last few years, the indie publishing world has begun to mature, like a fine wine or an increasingly stinky cheese. One consequence of this is the springing up of a brace of collectives and small presses, blurring the lines even further between the indie and traditional world. It’s a welcome development, whether it be the likes of Michael Anderle’s gargantuan-selling Kurtherian imprint, or a couple of writers banding together to do the odd newsletter swaps. We’re working together more and more, and we’re coming for the big bois.

I myself have started to bundle my books under the banner of Hollow Stone Press, and while at the moment that is just a vehicle for my books, I do have somewhat grandiose plans beyond that, and would be really interested in bringing other people under that banner in the long term.

One collective that’s really caught my eye in the last few years is Hawk & Cleaver, a UK-based collective of ostensibly three authors and an editor, working together to create books, comics, and podcasts. Luke Condor, Dan Willcocks, and Ben Errington are each excellent writers in their own right, but by coming together they’ve managed to crack the world of audio with four different podcasts, with the jewel in the crown being their excellent weekly story podcast, The Other Stories. In the last few months they’ve hit three million downloads, launched a spin off audio drama podcast, Miscreation, and been featured in LitReactor and This is Horror.

Which is why I’m beyond excited to say that if you check out today’s episode of The Other Stories, you’ll hear The Wolf Is Loose, by yours truly! It’s featured in their Déjà vu theme for the month, and it’s the tale of a young man who hears a story that tugs at the edge of his memory, but he can’t remember why.

It’s a huge honour to have had this story selected, and I love what they’ve done with my little shocker. Check it out at Acast, iTunes, Spotify, or whatever podcatcher you prefer. While you’re at it, give it a subscribe, and check out the work of this terrific collective at

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