Paul Stephenson writes horror stories, science fiction, and tries to be funny about music on the internet. He grew a beard long before hipsters made it popular, but only because he wanted to hide his chin. He lives in England with his wife and two children and has an unhealthy relationship with his Spotify account.

Paul’s first series is the Blood on the Motorway saga, a post-apocalyptic horror trilogy set in the north of England. The first book in the trilogy has been awarded the much-coveted orange ticks for being a bestseller in British Horror and Comedy Horror, even though it’s not really a comedy.

Paul second series, The Sunset Chronicles, is a dystopian sci-fi horror. The first book in the series, Sunrise, is available for pre-order. His short story, The Wolf is Loose, has been featured on million-downloaded podcast The Other Stories, and been featured in the anthology of their works.

As well as writing horror and science fiction, Paul also wrote Welcome to Discovery Park, a humorous trawl through his attempt to listen to every album on Rolling Stone Magazine’s Greatest Albums of All Time list, of which Michael Legge (Sony Award Winning presenter of Do the Right Thing) said “even though Paul likes Pearl Jam, he’s really really funny.” Which was nice of him.

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