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I am CONSTANTLY being asked by readers who have already bought all my books how they can best support me, their favourite author. Well, okay, one reader asked me, once, ages ago. But it stuck in my head, mainly because I didn’t really have an answer apart from ‘mumble mumble review the books, tell your friends, mumble mumble,’ which is, in fact, my de-facto response to most human-to-human interactions.

Since I was relaunching the books (huge thanks to anyone who’s helped with that effort by the way, hugely hugely thanks) I decided that now’s the time to address this discrepancy between people having money they might like to give me in exchange for goods and services and me not having more goods and services to exchange. So, without further ado, I’d like to tell you about two huge new ways you can support me and my book-making adventure.


Yep, I’ve got me a Patreon, and its all about supporting me as I work on the next series, The Chronicles of Mar. The Chronicles will be a massive dystopian epic, set one hundred years in Earth’s future, amidst a backdrop of war, hunger, and plague. But, it’ll still have jokes in it, I promise. There’ll also be ice moons, telepaths, a truly global cast, and some gripping and thrilling rides. Oh, and did I mention it’ll be nine books long?

I’ll be sharing work in progress, character and world profiles, exclusive blog posts, and monthly video Q&A’s, not to mention first looks at merchandise, discount codes, and lots more. Visit my Patreon page and out the rewards to see more details of what’s on offer. Oh, did I mention you’ll get all of the books, for free, for as long as you’re a supporter?

Having readers join me on the journey will help to provide me with a stable monthly income, which goes straight back into the books. I’m really proud of the Blood on the Motorway series, and I think this is going to be really special. It’s going to allow me to get up close and personal with the whole process with you, dear reader. So I really hope you’ll join me.


Don’t fancy forking out a monthly amount? Find yourself with a serious mug deficiency? Love the new covers enough to put one up on your wall? Well, then you’re in luck! You can now order mercy directly from my store, which you can find if you click on (funnily enough) STORE at the top of the page, or by going here. I’m just playing around with this at the moment, but if there’s something you’d like to see there that isn’t there at the moment, please let me know. All items ship from both the US, and the EU, so no huge shipping costs, either.

You’ll also notice I’m now offering the ebooks directly through my site. This obviously means that I’m sitting out the charges I pay to Amazon et al, so if you are interested in the books, why not get them straight from me, and support me that way? I’ll also be introducing signed print books through the site, soon enough.

So there you have it. Never let it be said that I don’t offer you enough ways to give me money, eh?

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