Hi there from a world that smells distinctly of rotten cabbage. Seriously. I have no idea why, but the world around me that two days ago had blue skies, uncomfortable temperatures and the haze of sea air has been replaced by fog, cold, wind, and the aforementioned cabbage smell. Living in the countryside is weird.

I’ve had a bit of a surreal few weeks for a variety of reasons that I won’t go into now, but I missed the opportunity to mark the second anniversary of my first novel, Blood on the Motorway, which is now officially two years and a few days old. That’s a weird thing to realise, that I’ve had a book baby out there for long enough that its human equivalent would be trashing my living room as it learned to walk. Not only that, but it’s got two siblings that are on their way there, too.

So, in order to honour the anniversary, and given that I’m not going to have a new book out for a while, I’ve decided to relaunch the whole trilogy. I’ve got lovely new covers, new blurbs and the like, and they are a go. So, behold, the new and improved Blood on the Motorway series!

Sexy, aren’t they?

Now we come to the part where I need your help. The point of the new covers and the relaunch is to get the books in front of more readers like yourself, but Amazon and the other stores still see it as a book that’s been out for a few years, so if I’m going to get it in front of readers then we’re going to need to tickle those algorithms.

So, I’ve put Blood on the Motorway at a discounted cost of 99p/99c. If you can spare that, and you’ve not yet bought the book, I’d really appreciate it if you could pick up a copy. If not, if you’ve enjoyed the book why not point them in that direction? Every share on Facebook or Twitter is worth a million ads or posts by me. Or, if you’ve not done so, you could leave a review. Every action like that tickles the mighty algorithm under the chin, and prompts the world’s longest river to put my book in front of more people that might like it. Hell, if we could get Blood… charting in one of the nebulous categories, that’d be amazing.

If you’ve not yet read it, then you’re in for a treat. It’s the first book in a trilogy of murder and mayhem set against the backdrop of the end of the world. It follows a disparate group of ordinary people as they try to deal with the fallout.

There’s Tom, an ex-student waiting for his life to start or the power to get cut off, whichever comes first. Jen works two jobs, hates both, and most days is too hungover to deal with either. Detective Burnett is trying to work out who the hell has turned his sleepy English village into a murder town.

Then the skies fill with a mysterious storm, and each of them wakes to find streets filled with bodies. The world they knew has gone, and their old lives with it. Now Tom finds himself at the hands of a deranged mercenary, Jen finds herself trying to keep two lovestruck teenagers alive, and Burnett must track down a killer who sees the apocalypse as an opportunity for more mayhem.

Who will survive this gripping and blackly comic saga of murder and stale sandwiches at the world’s end? Well, grab the first book and find out for yourself.

So, if you can spare it, and you want to support your indie author friend, please follow the link and pick up a discounted copy. I’d really appreciate it.

There’s some other rather exciting stuff, but I’ll come to that another time. In the meantime, if you can help get the word out, that’d be amazing.

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