Originally posted Jan 18th, 2013. Still holds true. Pic from today.

It’s snowing outside. Have you seen it? The Snow? Outside! Right now. Been snowing for ages! It’s all over the ground and everything.

If you look over there, you’ll find some other people taking photos of the snow. They’ll upload them to Instagram later. Or Facebook. Just like I did.

At the same time, lots of other people will go on Twitter and Facebook, and complain about all the pictures of snow taken by people taking photos of snow.

Some people will also moan about the fact that nothing works any more. Because it’s snowing. Imagine if Norway acted like this, they’ll say.

The news will tell us all about the snow.

Some people will play in the snow. The snow that’s outside. In the snow. That is snowing.

Some people will argue with the people who disagree with them about whether or not to post pictures of snow when its snowing.

Some people will post status updates not about the snow, but about how cold it is, and how cold they are.

Some people will do nice things to help the vulnerable people for whom the snow is a very bad thing.

Some small people will look out the window and hope they can go out in the snow as soon as it is tomorrow.

Because it is snowing.


Right now.


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