In a turn of events I would term ‘a bit of a surprise’, I looked at my diary this morning and realised that Blood on the Motorway, my first novel, came out one year ago. Time sure flies when you’re shouting at strangers to buy your book every day.

It’s been a hell of a year. I mean, obviously, but I’m thinking about my book here. It’s been read by hundreds of people, all willing to take a punt on a new writer, something that makes me eternally grateful every day. There have been a few dozen reviews, too, scattered across the various buying platforms. It’s all been rather splendid. Once again, if you’ve been one of the people to take the time or the chance to read the book, or its sequel Sleepwalk City, thank you.

There’s nothing that means more to a writer than to know someone’s out there reading your book. It’s like heroin, which is the only real explanation for any of us writing more books, to be honest. Oh, and if you read it and then took the time to leave a review, you are a sainted and wonderful person and may all of the good things come your way.

Anyway, for the first anniversary, I have news. Blood on the Motorway has a brand new cover! Look!

I love the original cover of Blood on the Motorway, designed by the incredible Dominic Sohor, but with the cover for Sleepwalk City and the final book in the series, A Final Storm, being so different, I wanted to bring it in line with the rest of the trilogy. So, I’ve retained the artwork of Dom’s original, but tweaked it to reflect the rest of the series.

Of course, this means that if you bought the original version in print, you now have an incredibly rare collectible first edition, so congrats to the three people who did that. I have two at home, so maybe I’ll save them for when I’m rich and famous and I’ll sell them to make myself even more rich, and even more famous.

To celebrate this relaunch, of sorts, I’m offering those of you who haven’t had a chance to read Blood on the motorway yet the chance to get their hands on the ebook, completely free! So, if you like apocalyptic horror stories with serious shades of dark humour, why not pick it up today? Just click on the box below, and tell me where to send it.

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