A Final Storm

It’s Halloween, and that means just one thing. That’s a lie, actually, Halloween means lots of things. Pumpkin carving, sexism in fancy dress costumes, kids at their cutest, sugar overloads, and the best Buffy episodes. But for the sake of this announcement, it means one thing: A Final Storm, the final book in the Blood on the Motorway trilogy, is on sale now! You can buy your copy at any of these fine retailers, at the click of a button.

So, what’s it about, you may ask? Well, six months have passed since the storm laid waste to humanity, and life is approaching something like normality once more.

In Birmingham, Burnett’s new Government is trying to stand on its own feet, while Lydia tries to find some peace. In London, Max is trying to keep his new family together and away from the psychotic gang leader making a play for the ruined city. Out on the road, Tom and Mira are grieving, just trying to stay alive, when bandits come to tear them apart.

But the sky is full of lights once more, and they’ll need more than dumb luck to get them through this storm.

Who will survive, and who will thrive, in this heart-pounding finale to the Blood on the Motorway saga?

Find out for yourself, by picking up your copy of A Final Storm, today!

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