Sleepwalk City, the sequel to my apocalyptic horror, Blood on the Motorway, is finally here. Well, it’ll be here officially on Friday 13th January (hey, I’m a sucker for a horror trope) but you can bag yourself a front row seat by pre-ordering for Kindle or iBooks today.

Pre-orders are a huge benefit to authors, giving you day one visibility that you can’t get anywhere else, so if you can manage to do that, it’d be a big help.

So, what’s it all about? Well, three months have passed since Blood on the Motorway, when a storm brought humanity to its knees, and the fight for control has begun.

Tom must protect his people from a new Government force, hell bent on rebuilding at any cost.

Jen and her ward flee into the wilds to escape, only to find themselves running from a very different enemy.

Burnett will take the fight to the heart of the new Government, in this thrilling second instalment in the Blood on the Motorway trilogy.

So don’t delay, click one of the buttons above to reserve your copy today!

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