Of all the places I currently hawk my questionable wares, my favourite is Kobo. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love me a sale wherever it happens, but if you’re an indie author, the best people to deal with are the good old Canadians over at Kobo. Got a question for Amazon? Might as well be asking them about their tax affairs. Got a question for Apple? Might as well ask them what the hell is wrong with having a headphone port on your devices.

Got a question for Kobo? Hell, not only will they answer you promptly, they will probably offer you something you didn’t even ask for. Not only that, but they’ll actually help to try and get your book in front of their readers.

Which is why, from today, until the 26th, you’ll be able to find Blood on the Motorway, my apocalyptic horror novel, on sale for 30% off, alongside some cracking other reads. And if you don’t have a Kobo reader, that’s not a problem, there are apps for most devices.

‘But how do I know your book’s any good?’ I hear you decry. Well, don’t trust me, trust the good people who have already reviewed the book, giving it a 4.9-star average over at Amazon UK. Here’s some of the comments:

A ‘Bloody’ Good Read. I don’t usually read books from this genre but this was definitely worth reading! Once I’d started I could not put it down. I just had to find out what was going to happen to Tom and Leon, Sam, Mira and Jen. Would Burnett get that bastard serial killer? Well I won’t spoil it for you – BUY the book! I thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wait for book 2 of the trilogy. – Amazon UK reviewer

If I didn’t have to work or trains didn’t make you get off, I could easily have read this in one sitting. Genuinely gripping, relatable characters and a large slice of dark humour. Would definitely recommend. Can’t wait for book 2. More please. – iBooks reviewer

Blood on the Motorway, is a really good apocalyptic read. It is a bit like The Walking Dead, but with British humour. I have to say, that once I started reading, I couldn’t put the book down. I just had to know what happened next. For the authors’ first published book, I say well done and I look forward to reading the sequel. – Amazon UK reviewer

Gripping, exciting, scary, violent, funny, cool. First I was like “Ah” then I was like “cool” then I was like “no way” then I was like “ARGH” then I was like “woah” then I was like “ewww” then I was like “OMG!” then I was like “nnggghhhh” then I was like “MORE!” – Amazon UK reviewer

Highly entertaining and engaging read. Very, very entertained by this book, and thoroughly looking forward to the sequel. The characters are interesting and well fleshed out, the plots are engaging, the locations are great (especially for someone who lives in the north east of England), and I was genuinely invested in what happened. The final few chapters made my jaw drop – definitely wanted to yell at my kindle. Totally worth a read, especially if you love post-apocalyptic fiction as much as I do. – Amazon UK reviewer

This book is absolutely brilliant! A real page turner, fantastic pace and full of suspense. Often, I find that stories told from several perspectives result in one dimensional, shallow, unlikable characters – but this is not the case in this book. The main characters are fantastic, gutsy, funny and, at times, unlikely heroes. The villain is suitably chilling and the cause of the apocalypse – and the reason for its survivors – surprising and unique. If you liked The Stand by Stephen King, you will love this! – Amazon UK reviewer

So what are you waiting for? Head over to Kobo for 30% off today!

Blood on the Motorway – An apocalyptic tale of murder and stale sandwiches, is also available on Amazon, iBooks, and more besides.

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