Welcome to Discovery Park, the book of the Rolling Stone Challenge, is now available for sale at Amazon UK, Amazon.comiBooksKobo, Scribd, and Nook, as well as in a shiny print version, available from Amazon.

Chronicling my increasingly frustrated attempt to listen to every album on Rolling Stone’s Top 500 Albums of all time list over a two year period, this book looks at why we feel the need to quantify and rank our art, revels in the complex musical world we live in, and wonders why anyone would voluntarily listen to Bono.

Here’s a sample:

‘Disco sucks. It’s a vile and wretched pox on the landscape of musical history, a music designed to be stripped of all merit save for its ability to make people shuffle around in darkened rooms, trying desperately to blot out the tedium of their existence, literally dancing to the beat of their own repression. That’s even before you take into account the squeaky voices.’

As well as the full challenge from start to finish, there’s a few added extras here and there, and the whole thing is priced at a very reasonable £2.99 if you are in the UK. Click on any of the buttons below to buy your copy now!

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