I am, it’s fair to say, quite excited. Why? Because today I finally make my move from aspiring author, a title I’ve worn with some pride these last twenty-two years, to Indie Publisher (or Punk Publisher, if you prefer). That’s right, after two years of preparation I’m very happy to say that my first novel, Blood on the Motorway, is now available to buy. Look, here’s the cover:

Isn’t it lovely?

In case you’re new here (*waves*) let me tell you a bit about the book. It’s an apocalyptic horror novel, set in North Yorkshire. It’s the first book in a trilogy, all of which should be available this year. Here’s the blurb:

After a mysterious storm lays waste to humanity, a disparate group of survivors try to find their feet while the world around them falls apart.

Two hapless stoners fall under the control of a deranged mercenary.

A young woman finds herself trying to keep two love-struck teenagers alive.

A detective must track down a killer who sees the apocalypse as an opportunity.

Together they attempt to survive this blackly comic saga of survival, murder, stale sandwiches, and the end of the world.

See, doesn’t that sound fun? There’s something for everyone here – killer storms, psychotic physicists, and wanton pasty abuse.

Hey, how about a small snippet?

‘Corpses lay all over the street. Some were burnt, their limbs curled into themselves from the heat. Some were crushed, entangled in one of several car wrecks that dotted the road. Limbs, torsos and heads were strewn haphazardly in their wake. Some were just dead, lying there oblivious to the carnage that surrounded them.’

Now, let’s talk about that cover. It was designed by Dom Sohor, illustrator extraordinaire, and designer of logos, album covers and t-shirts for the likes of Orange Goblin, Black Sabbath and Raging Speedhorn. He also once designed the logo for a website called Demon Pigeon, which was how I managed to wrangle him into making his first ever book cover. He’s quite frankly a ridiculously talented man, and he’s done an absolutely stonking job on the cover. Thanks Dom! I also have to give a massive shout out to my beta readers, and my brilliant editor, Ro Smith.

I started writing Blood on the Motorway about six years ago, during which time it has undergone many changes from what it once was, but I’m really proud to be able to put it all in front of you now.

In the two years since I decided to eschew the traditional publishing route I’ve worked hard to bring you this and its two forthcoming sequels, Sleepwalk City and A Final Storm, both of which will be out this year. I really hope you enjoy the book, and remember, if you do, please leave a review, and tell all your friends.

If you’d like to purchase this mighty tome, the buttons above will lead you to where you can buy the ebook. The print version will be out shortly, and if there’s anywhere you want to see it on sale where it isn’t currently, drop me a line and I’ll try and work something out for you.

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