Copyright Dominic Sohor Design

Copyright Dominic Sohor Design

The first week of the year tends to go one of two ways for me; either I’m riding a wave of enthusiasm until I take a nosedive into the jagged rocks of reality sometime in the second week, or I’m like a bear coming out of hibernation, stumbling, half drunk, hungry and angry.

Thankfully this year it’s the former (hey that shoreline looks rocky over there, let’s pretend we haven’t seen it) and I’ve been going like the proverbial firecracker. Work on the third book in my series is progressing well, I’ve been journalling like someone whose wrist doesn’t hurt after two minutes of writing (ouch, btw) and I even managed to walk past the pastry section of my local food emporium without snapping like a twig and running from the store laden down with brown bags filled with hot sausage products.

Most excitingly, I’ve contacted both my editor and my cover designer, and booked their services. This means that, barring my editor literally scorching my manuscript with buckets of red ink, that I should be able to hit my deadline of having my first novel, Blood on the Motorway, in your grubby little mitts in either late March or early April, in both print and e-book format. Which is quite exciting.

For the eagle eyed amongst you, yes, that means I’m not going to have the cover for the book you can see on my books page. I’m going to have a better one. Very excited to see it. I’ve commissioned the outstandingly talented Dominic Sohor to design it (that’s one of his up at the top there).

If you are remotely interested in these developments, interested in getting some extra content, or just plain want a change to find out about special offers and all that jazz, did you know that I have a mailing list that might be right up your alley? I promise not to spam your inbox, share your email address with evil mega-global-corps or plot to harvest your kidney. Not even just the one kidney, which you probably don’t even need, and which could conceivably pay for the aforementioned editor and cover designer.


So, if you want to be the first to know about release dates, get exclusive access to discounts and extra material, stick your email address in the little box below, and join the literally ‘other people’ on the ground floor of this crazy enterprise.

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