Hello, and welcome to the brand new Blog on The Motorway. New, improved, bigger, better and, um…. That’s about it.

I’m launching this website because come January 2016 I will be releasing my first novel, ‘Blood on the Motorway.’ It’s an apocalyptic horror novel set in North Yorkshire, and it’s got murder and intrigue and stale sandwiches. Come January next year it’ll be available in all good book stores, or at least the ones online. It might just be Amazon, I’ve not worked out all the finer points just yet. You should totally buy it when it comes out.

This momentous occasion requires something of an uplift on my current media presence and a polish of the old ‘brand me’, so here it is. Step on in, let me give you the tour. Take off your shoes. On second thoughts, those feet smell a bit ripe, put them back on, and just try not to trail anything on the carpet.

So this is the blog. *waves arms*

If you’re new round here I’ve been blogging since the internet was just powered by three mice in a wheel in a room in San Francisco, but without ever achieving the sort of success and fame of my old peers. Not that I’m bitter about that or anything. Honestly, it’s fine. You can find some of my past posts by scrolling down this page, or playing around with the calendar thingy on the side there. I’m just going to go and get a tissue. There’s not much to say really, it’s a chuffing blog. You should know how they work by now.

So what else do we have? There’s a main page, which acts as a sort of main page. It’s all main-y and page-y.

There’s a page about my books, which rather optimistically has all the information you might need about the first three books, all of which will be available for you, dear reader, to purchase in 2016. You know, when they’re finished. Look at the shiny covers though. As soon as the books are available, you’ll be able to follow links to go buy them at your chosen web outlet, or get them direct from me.

The Rolling Stone Challenge is a challenge I started a few years back, for reasons surpassing understanding, for me to listen to every single album on the ‘Rolling Stone Magazine Top 500 Albums of All Time’ list. I have been charting my progress as I go, and you can follow my ongoing battle with Bono by clicking on the link in the banner. The more astute among you might notice that the challenge will become my second book, ‘Welcome to Discovery Park.’ Well done you, have a cookie.

There’s also a contact page. This is because I’m now a dead professional writer who people might want to contact, presumably with tales of their undying love for me and to offer me truckloads of money and film deals and all that sort of thing. Any day now.

Lastly, there’s a link to my mailing list.  If you’re interested in my books, please sign up and I’ll keep you informed as to all the latest news in TEAM ME and let you know about release dates, special offers, and maybe even offer the occasional exclusive freebie. I’ll definitely not be selling your email to Latvian kidney smugglers or the NSA, I promise.

So that’s it. The birth of a new media juggernaut. I appreciate you giving me a look, and hope you like what you see. If you have any comments or anything please feel free to leave a comment in the little box below, or have a go on the contact form. It’s a thrill ride.

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