Channel Me

As a new writer, struggling to gain traction and visibility in this world of never-ending content, one of the messages that I hear across any number of mediums is that I need to stay ‘on brand.’ Quite what this means is somewhat less clear, since a) I don’t have anything approaching a brand to be ‘on’, and b) authors who only promote their own books and other books and only talk about books are about as interesting as their books look.

But I get the general sense. As someone who is writing stories about the end of the world, this website should probably reflect that. I get it. The point of this website is entirely to get people to buy my books. Did I mention that you should do that, if you haven’t already? So I should really be talking about things that reflect my work, and give people glimpses of why they should click on those all-important ‘buy’ buttons.

So, without further ado, I’d like to announce I’m launching my own Spotify channel!


Well, not really. I have no idea how you’d go about doing that. I suspect you’d need to be Barack Obama or something. No, what I’m doing is linking from the top of this website to my Spotify profile, where you’ll find all my public playlists relating to either the books, or to my goings on here on the Musical Waffle site. From now on I’ll be making a few more playlists as well, for no other reason that I just like making playlists.

I’m dead good at this ‘being on brand’ thing.

So, what’s on there, I hear you ask? Well, firstly, there’s the playlists for each of the books in my Blood on the Motorway series to date, which compile all the chapter titles into one handy playlist, creating something of a soundtrack for your listening pleasure.

Then there’s my year end round-ups, which this year took the shape of five separate playlists themed around the stages of grief and called, appropriately enough, The Five Stages of 2016.

As well as that, there’s a playlist with my 25 favourite albums of the year, and two playlists that rounded up my favourites of 2015, back before we all knew what a total clusterfuck of a year 2016 would be.

What else have we got? Well, if you enjoyed Welcome to Discovery Park, my chronicle of the Rolling Stone Magazine Top 500 Albums of All Time list, you might be interested in my Best of the Challenge playlist which features one song from all the albums I actually liked. There’s some cracking stuff on there, too.

Then there’s the full challenge playlists for some of the Alt. School Challenges I’ve been doing, including Emo School, the playlist Geoff Owen made for me for the Alt. Hip Hop challenge, and the British Indie Challenge I’m currently undergoing. I’ll be posting all the challenges from now on, so now you can listen along to the torment of my very soul.

Lastly, there’s a playlist I put together for a Post Rock/Post Metal facebook group I’m in, because that’s just the kind of thing hip millennials like myself do with our time. *Checks age definition for millennials* Sorry, that’s just the kind of thing aging hipsters like myself do with our time. Anyway, we put together a list of the Top 100 Post Rock and Metal Albums, and I made a playlist for it, this invalidating any objection I ever had for making those kinds of lists.

Anyway, you can follow along via the link at the top of the page, where the more astute among you might have also noticed I’ve linked to my Tumblr page, too. If you’re thinking this is a brazen attempt from someone who has barely any followers after over half a decade on there to try and boost his numbers, well then you’d be right, so why not follow me there too, if that’s your bag.

Here ends the brand management piece for today. Oh wait! Follow the links below for all the other ways you can follow every facet of my existence.

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