Playlist - Best of the Rolling Stone Challenge

Somewhere around halfway through the challenge, I produced a playlist of songs from the best albums in the first half of the list. It was quite the tonic for my lack of resolve, and reminded me just how much good music I'd heard to that point.

Once I'd finished the challenge, I thought about doing the same, but figured with so many of the big names at the top of the list (The Beatles, Led Zep, Pink Floyd) not on Spotify, there really wasn't much point.

But now, hey presto, the magic of the mighty Spotify dollar has pulled these behemoths onto the world's most luridly green streaming service, so now seems as good a time as ever to pull together the definitive list. Well, I say definitive, but then Neil Young pulled his catalogue from the streaming service, like the cantankerous old folk curmudgeon that he is.

With all these changes, I thought I might as well start from scratch, so here is my Best Of The Rolling Stone Challenge playlist. To clarify, I only took songs from: a) an album I liked, and b) albums that are available on Spotify. So if you like a song, you should be able to listen to the whole album, should you choose.

There's a total of 258 Songs here, so when you factor in the albums that aren't on Spotify, that means well over half the list turned out to be good albums, which is certainly not how it felt at the time. Oh well.


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